Pi Mote - Lights Control

Posted on Wed 02 November 2016 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with RaspberryPi, Home Automation

I started to loath my Raspberry Pi's. I brought one when they first came out and somehow amassed more over time. My head was full of all the amazing things I was going to build and automate, spurred by all the fantastic projects I'd seen online.

At first, I did …

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Ultimate Media Server

Posted on Sun 21 August 2016 in Media Server • Tagged with Media Server, Home Automation

A short guide explaining how my home media server is setup.

Details the services, applications and hardware needed.

My setup is virtualized. Only one server (host) is used, several virtual machines control downloads, backup and media filing and playback.

All media is downloaded to schedule, automatically. I'm able to manage …

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