15/11/2017 - Virgin Media, PfSense - and a dead port

Posted on Mon 12 March 2018 in pfSense, • Tagged with pfSense, Guides, Blog

You may have seen previous posts regarding Virgin Media, pfSense and WAN connection issues, disregard them. Read this.

I FIXED IT! aaaannnnd its gone!

Virgin did the WAN flip. Acceptable. I rebooted pfSense. Ok. I turned off my modem and went to bed. Ok. I woke up, switched the modem …

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Creating Raw Device Mappings

Posted on Sun 08 January 2017 in Virtualization • Tagged with virtualization, Esxi, Guides

What is an RDM?

A Raw Device Mapping, can be thought of as a proxy for a physical disk. With ESXI, an RDM is a .vmdk file on a vmfs volume, that points to the physical disk.

Often you'll use RDM's where performace is needed. The VM, database or whatever …

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Amazon's Alexa - Quick and Dirty Voice Control

Posted on Tue 03 January 2017 in Home Automation • Tagged with Home Automation, Guides

My plug socket is behind the TV. I have to do a little twisty jig with my arm to get to it. It kinda hurts.

Its rather awkward.

I wanted to remote control it.

So did, wrote out a little guide and made a video too Amazon Alexa Broadlink RF …

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pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

Posted on Thu 29 December 2016 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Guides

pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

I had to make a few changes to pfSense that needed a reboot. The Virgin Media SuperHub throws a little hissy fit when I do this and drops the WAN IP.

A while back I read about this happening. A few posts suggested there was …

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Posted on Fri 23 December 2016 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Guides

pfSense. Not a clue. No idea. Kinda have an idea. Let's build one!

What is pfSense?

It's a firewall, its a router. It's open source and pretty easy to get on with.

Why pfSense?

I've toyed with the idea of making my own combo router. Never had the hardware. I've …

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Raspberry Pi FTP

Posted on Wed 26 October 2016 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with Guides, RaspberryPi

Installing FTP on a RaspberryPi

Often when working with a RaspberryPi its handy to be able to quickly transfer files via a gui In this guide I'll be using a windows client and a RaspberryPi B running Jessie however I believe all versions of Pi are supported.

From the Pi …

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