15/11/2017 - A week off

Posted on Wed 15 November 2017 in Virtualization • Tagged with virtualization, Esxi, Blog

I have a week off work. Time to, as tradition now dictates, fuck computer things at home up time! Wheyyy!

This snip was written somewhere between the beginning and the beginning of the disasters:

One of the 3TB's is failing It's been presenting issues in DriveScanner for months I have …

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GPU Passthrough ... finally!

Posted on Sun 23 July 2017 in Virtualization • Tagged with virtualization, Esxi

21:07:17 12:27 That's when it finally happened. For the best part of 10 years I've been trying to get graphics passthrough working on my hypervisor, thus enabling the one box theory.

I'd taken two days off work, a long weekend. Planned to sawp a 4TB drive out …

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Microsoft Surface Fix Display Scaling

Posted on Thu 15 June 2017 in Microsoft • Tagged with Microsoft

Fix the Microsoft Surface Display Scaling

The oh-so lovely (sometimes) Microsoft Surface books have what appears to be a 3k screen. When using remote desktop, the display will scale to that of the remote computer, which is usually running a 1920x1080 HD display. 3K does not scale well to HD …

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Creating Raw Device Mappings

Posted on Sun 08 January 2017 in Virtualization • Tagged with virtualization, Esxi, Guides

What is an RDM?

A Raw Device Mapping, can be thought of as a proxy for a physical disk. With ESXI, an RDM is a .vmdk file on a vmfs volume, that points to the physical disk.

Often you'll use RDM's where performace is needed. The VM, database or whatever …

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Amazon's Alexa - Quick and Dirty Voice Control

Posted on Tue 03 January 2017 in Home Automation • Tagged with Home Automation, Guides

My plug socket is behind the TV. I have to do a little twisty jig with my arm to get to it. It kinda hurts.

Its rather awkward.

I wanted to remote control it.

So did, wrote out a little guide and made a video too Amazon Alexa Broadlink RF …

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pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

Posted on Thu 29 December 2016 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Guides

pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

I had to make a few changes to pfSense that needed a reboot. The Virgin Media SuperHub throws a little hissy fit when I do this and drops the WAN IP.

A while back I read about this happening. A few posts suggested there was …

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